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icon1.gif   bug in elog.spec, posted by Janusz Szuba on Mon Jul 6 19:09:48 2020 
    icon2.gif   Re: bug in elog.spec, posted by Laurent Jean-Rigaud on Mon Jul 6 20:19:21 2020 elog.specelog-3.1.4-2.CNES.el6.src.rpm
       icon2.gif   Re: bug in elog.spec, posted by Janusz Szuba on Tue Jul 7 11:22:45 2020 
Message ID: 69168     Entry time: Mon Jul 6 20:19:21 2020     In reply to: 69167     Reply to this: 69169  
Icon: Reply  Author: Laurent Jean-Rigaud  Author Email: 
Category: Bug report  OS: Linux  ELOG Version: 3.1.4 
Subject: Re: bug in elog.spec 


You rights, CFLAGS should not be in specfile to take care of distrib env.

Btw, I sent in the past an update for build process of Stefan delivery to generate src.rpm file copatible to tarball version. I think Stefan did not have time yet to test and to check.

With the enclosed SPEC file, you can build ELOG with options at rpmbulld command w/o modifying sources. For exemple,

rpm -i elog-.....src.rpm

rpmbuild -bb --with ssl --with pam --with ldap --with krb5 ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/elog.spec


I enclosed also the SRPMS i used for my projects. Be careful, It's maybe not uptodate of last GIT version or PSI releases... but you can test it on your RPM distrib. It should be nice to hare your feedback.




Janusz Szuba wrote:


in commit 1812e7c, specifying CFLAGS to make command in elog.spec, renders all other settings in Makefile void. That is, if I want to include any of KRB5, LDAP, PAM support, and change makefile accordingly, then when producing rpm they are not taken into account. Anyway, CFLAGS in Makefile are already set to the same defaults, so why it is redefined in spec file?




Attachment 1: elog.spec  5 kB  Uploaded Mon Jul 6 21:22:43 2020  | Hide | Hide all
# ELOG weblog application
# rpmbuild -ba --define 'elogver 3.1.4' --define 'elogrel 2' --with ssl --with pam --with ldap --with krb5 --define 'factorydate date'
# define date of build for changelog and default release
%define build_timestamp %(LC_TIME=C date '+%a %b %d %Y')
%{!?factorydate: %define factorydate %build_timestamp}

# default version and release
%{!?elogver: %define elogver 3.1.4 }
%{!?elogrel: %define elogrel 2 }
# default release is build date
%{!?elogrel: %define elogrel %{build_timestamp} }

# Build options :
# Read: If neither macro exists, then add the default definition.
%{?_with_krb5: %define _with_krb5 USEKRB5=1}
%{?_with_ldap: %define _with_ldap USELDAP=1}
%{?_with_pam: %define _with_pam USEPAM=1}
%{?_with_ssl: %define _with_ssl USESSL=1}
# Default build options are with SSL 
%{!?_with_ssl: %{!?_without_ssl: %define _with_ssl USESSL=1}}
# builder info
%define whoami %(eval who am i | awk '{print $1}')
%define HOSTNAME %(hostname)
%{!?packager: %define packager %{whoami} %{whoami}@%{HOSTNAME}}

Name:       elog
Summary:    elog is a standalone electronic web logbook
Version:    %elogver
Release:    %elogrel%{?customrel}%{?dist}
License:    GPL
Group:      Applications/Networking
Vendor:     Stefan Ritt <>
BuildRoot:  /tmp/%{name}-root
Prefix:     /usr/local
# Add build dependencies for pam, ssl and ldap features if enabled.
# Note: Tag tokens must start at beginning-of-line.
# Read: If feature is enabled, then add the build dependency.
%{?_with_krb5:BuildRequires: krb5-devel}
%{?_with_krb5:Requires: krb5-libs}
%{?_with_ldap:BuildRequires: openldap-devel >= 2.4.1}
%{?_with_ldap:Requires: openldap >= 2.4.1}
%{?_with_pam:BuildRequires: pam-devel >= 1.1.1}
%{?_with_ssl:BuildRequires: openssl-devel >= 0.9.8e}
# GAIAOPS: set max N limit to 500
Patch1:     elog_set_max_list_500.patch

ELOG is part of a family of applications known as weblogs. 
Their general purpose is : 

1. To make it easy for people to put information online in a chronological
   fashion, in the form of short, time-stamped text messages ("entries") 
   with optional HTML markup for presentation, and optional file attachments 
   (images, archives, etc.) 

2. To make it easy for other people to access this information through a 
   Web interface, browse entries, search, download files, and optionally add, 
   update, delete or comment on entries. 

ELOG is a remarkable implementation of a weblog in at least two respects : 

- Its simplicity of use: you don't need to be a seasoned server operator 
and/or an experimented database administrator to run ELOG ; one executable 
file (under Unix or Windows), a simple configuration text file, and it works. 
No Web server or relational database required. It is also easy to translate 
the interface to the appropriate language for your users. 

- Its versatility: through its single configuration file, ELOG can be made 
to display an infinity of variants of the weblog concept. There are options 
for what to display, how to display it, what commands are available and to whom, 
access control, etc. Moreover, a single server can host several weblogs, and 
each weblog can be totally different from the rest. 

* %{build_timestamp} %{packager} %{version}-%{release}
- rebuild with option(s): %{?_with_krb5:KRB5 }%{?_with_ldap:LDAP }%{?_with_pam:PAM }%{?_with_ssl:SSL}
- set MAX_N_LIST to 500 (patch1)

* %{factorydate} Stefan Ritt <> %{version}-%{release}
- Updated from git 
* Wed Sep 26 2018 Stefan Ritt <>
- Made adjustments for new elog server and RH7
* Fri Aug 29 2014 Stefan Ritt <>
- Added BuildRequires, thanks to Stefan Roiser from CERN
* Fri Oct 21 2005 Stefan Ritt <>
- Added resources/ directory
* Fri Mar 14 2003 Stefan Ritt <>
- Added %post to change ownership of elog files
* Thu Jan 30 2003 Stefan Ritt <>
- Added installation of man pages, thanks to Serge Droz <>
* Tue Aug 13 2002 Stefan Ritt <>
- Added elog group and user, thanks to Nicolas Chuche []
* Tue Jun 18 2002 Stefan Ritt <>
- Put elogd.init into TAR file, add logbooks directory, put elogd in sbin/
* Tue Jun 18 2002 Serge Droz <>
- Update to 2.0.0
* Mon Jun  3 2002 Serge Droz <>
- Update to 1.3.6 
* Fri May 31 2002 Serge Droz <>
- Initial RPM

%setup -q
%patch1 -p0

%{_sbindir}/groupadd -r elog 2>/dev/null || :
%{_sbindir}/useradd -d / -s /bin/false \
   -g elog -M -r elog 2>/dev/null || :

make %{?_with_ssl} %{?_with_pam} %{?_with_ldap} %{?_with_krb5} CFLAGS='-O3 -funroll-loops -fomit-frame-pointer -W -Wall -Wno-deprecated-declarations -Imxml -g'
sed "s#\@PREFIX\@#%{prefix}#g" elogd.init_template > elogd.init


chown -R elog:elog $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{prefix}/elog


%config(noreplace) %prefix/elog/elogd.cfg
Attachment 2: elog-3.1.4-2.CNES.el6.src.rpm  2.850 MB  Uploaded Mon Jul 6 21:37:15 2020
ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba