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  2228   Thu May 10 13:03:51 2007 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chQuestionWindows | AlllastRe: Import log[quote="bob"]thank you, 
but the last method (simplest for me) does
not import the comment.
  65650   Tue Nov 13 17:59:35 2007 Agree An Thaithaithan@gmx.deInfoWindows | All2.7.0Re: New ELOG version with HTML EditorCongratulation Stefan and Co.!
I think Elog is the first Weblog
which supports this feature.
  66892   Mon Sep 6 16:18:41 2010 Reply Robert Heineheine@kph.uni-mainz.deCommentWindows | All2.8.-2312Re: How to make Subst run?Thank you Andreas!

So I will generate the preset entry in a
  68208   Fri Nov 27 06:53:54 2015 Question David | Other3.1.0If a Required Attribute starts with a number No CKEditorHello,

Is the below an issue or am I doing
something incorrectly?

Creating an attribute
starting with a number and then including
  68209   Fri Dec 11 14:30:10 2015 Warning Andreas Luedekeandreas.luedeke@psi.chBug reportWindows | Other3.1.1-bc8310aRe: If a Required Attribute starts with a number No CKEditorHi David,

I can confirm
a bug: changing the encoding does not work
if you have a required attribute starting
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