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  69209   Wed Sep 2 10:24:58 2020 Question Florian curl to post new entriesHey,

i'm trying to use curl to post
new entries to our logbook as described here:
  69206   Wed Aug 26 20:44:38 2020 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chQuestionLinux3.1.4Re: How to prevent file path leaks on a 404 pageA new RPM has been released at
containing that fix.

  69205   Wed Aug 26 20:41:50 2020 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chBug reportLinux3.1.4-2Re: SSL does not workToday I succeeded with the help of L.JR
to produce a new RPM which contains SSL,
KRB5, PAM and LDAP support. It's uploaded
  69204   Wed Aug 19 15:22:58 2020 Question Andreas Luedekeandreas.luedeke@psi.chRequestWindows2006Re: do some changes on .CFGHow are we supposed to give you a hint
when you don't post your configuration?

  69203   Tue Aug 18 11:28:58 2020 Reply Lahreche Abdelmadjidabdelmadjid.lahreche@yahoo.comRequestWindows2006Re: do some changes on .CFGThanks, but I'm the Admin of local

usually I can make a lot of changes
  69202   Mon Aug 17 13:27:09 2020 Reply Andreas Luedekeandreas.luedeke@psi.chRequestWindows2006Re: do some changes on .CFGThis has nothing to do with the ELOG package,
but only with your local configuration of
that specific logbook.
  69201   Mon Aug 17 10:34:32 2020 Question Lahreche Abdelmadjidabdelmadjid.lahreche@yahoo.comRequestWindows2006do some changes on .CFGHi All,

I would like to have "Permis
de verouillage et d'étiquetage
  69200   Mon Aug 10 09:01:24 2020 Reply Anthonyanthony.weathers@pm.meQuestionLinux3.1.3-1-1Re: Reverse sort by Attribue, but it's only showing the last 6 entries by default.Thank you, Andreas!  Not sure why
I kept overlooking it in the manual. 
As for the number of entries when I sort,
ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba