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Message ID: 120     Entry time: Wed Jun 7 21:23:57 2017
Type: Conference with proceedings 
Authors: J. Adam et. al. 
Title: Measurement of Inner Bremsstrahlung in Polarized Muon Decay with MEG 
Conference: CLFV2013 
Location and Date of Conference: Lecce, Italy, 6-8 May 2013 
Journal: Nucl. Phys. B Proc. Suppl. 
Volume: 248-250 
Page: 108-111 
Year: 2013 
Year of proceedings: 2014 
Attachment 1: Adam_et_al._-_2014_-_Measurement_of_Inner_Bremsstrahlung_in_Polarized_Muon_Decay_with_MEG(2).pdf  171 kB  Uploaded Wed Jun 7 22:27:49 2017  | Show | Show all
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