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   +  icon2.gif   Re: when using webserver authentication, how can I restrict the users that can edit any given elog?, posted by Christian Ospelkaus on Sun Jun 20 14:38:06 2021 
   +  icon2.gif   Bug Report with CSS includes (was Re: How to format a column in list display?), posted by Sebastian Schenk on Mon Jun 14 18:51:59 2021 
   +  icon3.gif   Re: Request: make $text available for "subst", posted by Andreas Luedeke on Mon Jun 14 18:06:06 2021 
icon4.gif   Additional forbidden attributes, posted by Sebastian Schenk on Mon Jun 14 16:15:10 2021 
icon5.gif   Naming a Notebook KTAG Wipes Out Formatting. Why?, posted by Phil Rubin on Sat May 22 20:44:33 2021 
icon5.gif   New user not working, posted by Gabriel Lopez on Thu May 20 21:01:41 2021 
   +  icon2.gif   Re: Bug: "Append on edit" triggers too often, posted by Sebastian Schenk on Tue May 4 15:24:56 2021 
   +  icon2.gif   Re: Real-time mirroring?, posted by Frank Baptista on Fri Apr 30 21:55:23 2021 
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