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Entry  Mon Apr 23 10:38:51 2012, Guillaume Blanchard, DRS4 Initialization 
    Reply  Wed Apr 25 13:42:37 2012, Stefan Ritt, DRS4 Initialization 
Message ID: 162     Entry time: Mon Apr 23 10:38:51 2012     Reply to this: 163
Author: Guillaume Blanchard 
Subject: DRS4 Initialization 


I am writing a VHDL code to drive a DRS4 chip.

In order to configure the DRS4 chip, I have to set the "Config Register" and the "Write Shift Register" then ... (I do not plan to use simultaneous WR and R so I guess the Write Config Reg. is not needed)

My question is :

When do we have to perform a "Read Shift Register Initialization" ?

Every time before a full read-out, or juste once after a DRS4 reset ?

Further more, is this initialization needed for the ROI mode ?

And at last do the level of the DENABLE and DWRITE signals matter for the "Read Shift Register Initialization" ?

(To sum up : what is the purpose of the Read Shift Register and how does it work ?)



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