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Entry  Mon Oct 19 09:06:43 2009, Jinhong Wang, BIAS Pin of DRS4 
    Reply  Mon Oct 19 09:13:00 2009, Stefan Ritt, BIAS Pin of DRS4 
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Author: Jinhong Wang 
Subject: BIAS Pin of DRS4 

Dear Mr. Stefan Ritt.

         Thank u for your timely response on "DSR4 Full Readout Mode", I received it from Professor Qi An, who is my PhD supervisor.

        I am currently going through the DRS4 datasheet. Well, can you give some specification on the usage of "BIAS" pin of DRS4? It is just metioned in the datasheet as bias of internal buffer. What is the internal buffer exactly reffered to here? The MUXOUT buffer of channel 8 or else? Does it have some relationship to O_OFS? I mean, if the reference voltage to BIAS is changed, how will the output be influenced?

       Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

                                                                       Jinhong Wang

                                                                    Fast Electronics LAB. of University of Science and Technology of China.

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