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Entry  Thu Nov 1 20:08:33 2012, hongwei yang, DRS4 firmware 
    Reply  Thu Nov 1 20:17:42 2012, Stefan Ritt, DRS4 firmware drs4_eval4_app.vhd
       Reply  Thu Nov 1 20:21:44 2012, hongwei yang, DRS4 firmware 
          Reply  Thu Nov 1 20:25:53 2012, hongwei yang, DRS4 firmware 
             Reply  Thu Nov 1 20:32:03 2012, Stefan Ritt, DRS4 firmware drs4_eval4.vhd
                Reply  Thu Nov 1 20:46:53 2012, hongwei yang, DRS4 firmware 
Message ID: 189     Entry time: Thu Nov 1 20:25:53 2012     In reply to: 188     Reply to this: 190
Author: hongwei yang 
Subject: DRS4 firmware 

hongwei yang wrote:

Stefan Ritt wrote:

hongwei yang wrote:


    We are using drs4 board, but oscilloscope app will somehow stop to work if we config trigger into "or and", When I look into the drs4 firmware file drs4_eval3_app.vhd, I couldn't find the trigger_config value assignment which is mentioned at(#7 offset 0x1E from 31 downto 16) in manual_version 4.

could you help me find this trigger_config access point?





The "and" in the trigger section means now "coincidence". So the V4 board can trigger on a coincidence between two or more channels. If there is no pulse at the same time on the coincidence channels, the board will of course not trigger. The according firmware was introduced in V4, so please look at drs4_eval4_app.vhd (not eval3).

I just realized that the V4 firmware might be missing in the distribution, so I have attached it here. Look for drs_ctl_trigger_config.


Best regards,


 Ah, great, that helps, Thank you!



 By the way, will there be a drs4_eval4.vhd as well?

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