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Entry  Fri Oct 30 03:31:54 2009, Jinhong Wang, outline dimension of DRS4 QFN_package.jpg
    Reply  Wed Nov 4 14:42:22 2009, Stefan Ritt, outline dimension of DRS4 qfn76.png
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Author: Jinhong Wang 
Subject: outline dimension of DRS4 


                                                                                                            Fig.1        typical dimension of QFN package

Above is the typical dimension specification for QFN package. I cann't find the corresponding "T1" as in Fig.1 in the DRS4 documents, nor any of the tolerance of the dimensions, which are usually expressed in the form of  a range between a min. value and a max. value.

So will you specify the dimension of "T1" and "W1", and the dimension tolerance of them?

Thanks and best wishes!

                                                                               Jinhong Wang       University of Science and Technology of China

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