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Entry  Fri Oct 30 03:31:54 2009, Jinhong Wang, outline dimension of DRS4 QFN_package.jpg
    Reply  Wed Nov 4 14:42:22 2009, Stefan Ritt, outline dimension of DRS4 qfn76.png
Message ID: 22     Entry time: Wed Nov 4 14:42:22 2009     In reply to: 21
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: outline dimension of DRS4 

Jinhong Wang wrote:


                                                                                                            Fig.1        typical dimension of QFN package

Above is the typical dimension specification for QFN package. I cann't find the corresponding "T1" as in Fig.1 in the DRS4 documents, nor any of the tolerance of the dimensions, which are usually expressed in the form of  a range between a min. value and a max. value.

So will you specify the dimension of "T1" and "W1", and the dimension tolerance of them?

Thanks and best wishes!

                                                                               Jinhong Wang       University of Science and Technology of China


Please find attached the complete dimensions.

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