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Entry  Thu Feb 28 10:47:14 2013, Dmitry Hits, clock and trigger outs 
    Reply  Thu Feb 28 12:58:44 2013, Stefan Ritt, clock and trigger outs 
Message ID: 223     Entry time: Thu Feb 28 10:47:14 2013     Reply to this: 224
Author: Dmitry Hits 
Subject: clock and trigger outs 
I am considering using the DRS4 evaluation board as an ADC card for the wire chamber in the physics lab (VP) experiment at ETH. However, the wire 
chamber has 8 outputs, so I would need to have two of such boards. Is it possible to synchronise them, online or offline? From the website, it looks 
like yes, but the documentation says that these features (trigger and clock out) may not have been implemented in firmware yet. Could you tell me 
the status?

Thank you very much,

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