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Entry  Thu Feb 28 10:47:14 2013, Dmitry Hits, clock and trigger outs 
    Reply  Thu Feb 28 12:58:44 2013, Stefan Ritt, clock and trigger outs 
Message ID: 224     Entry time: Thu Feb 28 12:58:44 2013     In reply to: 223
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: clock and trigger outs 
> Hi,
> I am considering using the DRS4 evaluation board as an ADC card for the wire chamber in the physics lab (VP) experiment at ETH. However, the wire 
> chamber has 8 outputs, so I would need to have two of such boards. Is it possible to synchronise them, online or offline? From the website, it looks 
> like yes, but the documentation says that these features (trigger and clock out) may not have been implemented in firmware yet. Could you tell me 
> the status?
> Thank you very much,
> Dmitry.

I'm right now working on it. If you only need 2-3 ns accuracy  between the two boards then you can do this already now without firmware upgrade. The software for this is in principle ready, but I have to 
finish the documentation. Since I'm on a business travel right now this might take me some time (weeks?). 

If you want better timing (O(100ps)) between the boards, then you will need a firmware update. Or you wait until we ship boards with the new firmware. I will announce this through this forum.

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