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Entry  Mon Apr 22 15:33:28 2013, Benjamin LeGeyt, effect of jitter/alignment between SRCLK and ADC clock 
    Reply  Mon Apr 22 15:52:53 2013, Stefan Ritt, effect of jitter/alignment between SRCLK and ADC clock adc_phase.jpg
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Author: Benjamin LeGeyt 
Subject: effect of jitter/alignment between SRCLK and ADC clock 

let me apologize in advance if this has already been covered somewhere and I missed it. 

I have a question about a statement made regarding the ADC clock in the evaluation board v4.0 manual.  At the bottom or page 23 there is a mention of jitter between the SRCLK signal and the ADC clock causing a baseline variation in the sampled output of up to a few mV.  Is there any more information out there about this?  I find this confusing for the following reason: If the DRS output has mostly settled after 28ns and the signal that is being sampled is a DC signal, I don't understand why an aperture jitter in the sampling ADC should cause a voltage error in the measured signal.  I already know about the possibility of noise spikes every 32 samples if these clocks are not properly aligned, though I don't know the origin of those spikes.  are these two things related?


Many Thanks!

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