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Entry  Wed Dec 30 14:28:33 2009, aliyilmaz, normal_mode_in_drs_exam.cpp 
    Reply  Mon Jan 11 16:32:21 2010, Stefan Ritt, normal_mode_in_drs_exam.cpp 
Message ID: 29     Entry time: Wed Dec 30 14:28:33 2009     Reply to this: 30
Author: aliyilmaz 
Subject: normal_mode_in_drs_exam.cpp 

 Dear Mr. S. Ritt

       i am Ms. student , am working with your DRS4 board to calculate the time of flight of the cosmic particle which passes trough  the hodoscope . i see the signals at scope , which is negative (i don't want to take positive side of the signal).

       i am using your drs_exap.cpp file to  take the data, i set the analog trigger source , threshold level is negative, like this(b->SetTriggerLevel(-30, true) ); but the exam file also registers the positive side of signal (i think  that is spike or internal reflection), is it possible to eliminate this spike? Also i want to register  the data just after the threshold value, but that is always triggered, i think that caused from the mode. Is it possible to set the trigger mode to normal in exam file?,and  how can i do that?


Best regards.


 Ali YILMAZ (ali.yilmaz@roma1.infn.it)

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