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Entry  Wed Dec 30 14:28:33 2009, aliyilmaz, normal_mode_in_drs_exam.cpp 
    Reply  Mon Jan 11 16:32:21 2010, Stefan Ritt, normal_mode_in_drs_exam.cpp 
Message ID: 30     Entry time: Mon Jan 11 16:32:21 2010     In reply to: 29
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: normal_mode_in_drs_exam.cpp 

aliyilmaz wrote:

 Dear Mr. S. Ritt

       i am Ms. student , am working with your DRS4 board to calculate the time of flight of the cosmic particle which passes trough  the hodoscope . i see the signals at scope , which is negative (i don't want to take positive side of the signal).

       i am using your drs_exap.cpp file to  take the data, i set the analog trigger source , threshold level is negative, like this(b->SetTriggerLevel(-30, true) ); but the exam file also registers the positive side of signal (i think  that is spike or internal reflection), is it possible to eliminate this spike? Also i want to register  the data just after the threshold value, but that is always triggered, i think that caused from the mode. Is it possible to set the trigger mode to normal in exam file?,and  how can i do that?



Best regards.


 Ali YILMAZ (ali.yilmaz@roma1.infn.it)


Please note that SetTriggerLevel(level, polarity) needs "level" in volts, not millivolts, so you need SetTriggerLevel(-0.3, true). The trigger mode is not specified with any library call, but depends on what your program does. If you always poll on IsBusy(), then you are already in "normal" mode. The auto mode can only be achieved on the user application level by doing an "artifical" trigger by calling SoftTrigger() if there are no hardware triggers for a certain time. 

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