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Entry  Mon Sep 15 16:24:41 2014, Hannes Wachter, Timing Calibration Fail 
    Reply  Mon Sep 22 15:04:37 2014, Stefan Ritt, Timing Calibration Fail 
Message ID: 374     Entry time: Mon Sep 15 16:24:41 2014     Reply to this: 376
Author: Hannes Wachter 
Subject: Timing Calibration Fail 


has anyone experienced a shutdown of the DRSosc.exe or DRScl.exe when executing a Timing Calibration? Also, when we add the command b->CalibrateTiming(NULL); to the drs_exam.cpp and run the exe, our program shuts down immediately and windows shows an error message (identical to DRSosc and DRScl).

Any help is appreciated.


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