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Entry  Mon Sep 15 16:24:41 2014, Hannes Wachter, Timing Calibration Fail 
    Reply  Mon Sep 22 15:04:37 2014, Stefan Ritt, Timing Calibration Fail 
Message ID: 376     Entry time: Mon Sep 22 15:04:37 2014     In reply to: 374
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Timing Calibration Fail 

Hannes Wachter wrote:


has anyone experienced a shutdown of the DRSosc.exe or DRScl.exe when executing a Timing Calibration? Also, when we add the command b->CalibrateTiming(NULL); to the drs_exam.cpp and run the exe, our program shuts down immediately and windows shows an error message (identical to DRSosc and DRScl).

Any help is appreciated.


Actually there is no need to call b->CalibrateTiming() at all from drs_exam.cpp. The timing calibration, once executed, will remain valid over a wide temperature range and for very long time (years), so no need to redo it over and over again.


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