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Entry  Thu Jun 18 17:33:05 2015, Gregor Kramberger, drs 5.03 and windows 8.1 
    Reply  Fri Jun 19 12:32:10 2015, Gregor Kramberger, drs 5.03 and windows 8.1 
Message ID: 434     Entry time: Fri Jun 19 12:32:10 2015     In reply to: 433
Author: Gregor Kramberger 
Subject: drs 5.03 and windows 8.1 


Gregor Kramberger wrote:

I have problems with driver installation on windows 8.1 (software version 5.03). I have sen that that has been an issue before (driver signing) and I would like to know if this has been solved. We run several DRS4 evaluation boards on different PCs all running Win7 without any problems. Therefore we are almost confident that it is related to Win 8.1. Thanks.


Solved. Need to restart Windows 8.1 (64 bit) in recovery mode and dissable driver signing as mandatory. Then it works fine.

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