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Entry  Fri Mar 11 19:50:18 2016, Dominik Neise,  
    Reply  Tue Mar 22 12:54:41 2016, Stefan Ritt,  
Message ID: 484     Entry time: Fri Mar 11 19:50:18 2016     Reply to this: 486
Author: Dominik Neise 

Hello Stefan,

I just stumbled again over a phrase in the DRS4 datasheet I never really understood, but didn't find the time to ask.

On page 8 it says: "An internal circuit ensures that the write signal is always 16 cells wide."

So when I look at a single channel, do I understand correctly, that at any given time during sampling, always 16 cells are open, i.e. 16 cells are connected to the analog inputs? So when the domino frequency is e.g. 5GHz then each cell sees the analog input not for 200ps but for 3.2ns correct?

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