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Entry  Sun Jun 12 08:45:52 2016, Michael, problems of DRS4 
    Reply  Wed Jun 15 14:49:00 2016, Stefan Ritt, problems of DRS4 
Message ID: 530     Entry time: Wed Jun 15 14:49:00 2016     In reply to: 528
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: problems of DRS4 

1. Simultaneous writing and reading is not possible with the DRS4 chip. The manual says differently on p. 14, but due to a bug in the chip waveforms get clipped at the end if one does that. We hopt to fix this problem in a future version of the chip.

2. You can cascade 2,4 or 8 channels. If you cascade 8 channels and run at 1 GSPS, you digitize a window of 8 us. If you have 16 signals, you then need 16 chips.


Michael wrote:


I want to use DRS4 to digitize 16 channels of signals. The width of signal is about 20 ns, with frequency of 50Hz. The time differences between these 16 signals are not constant, arranging from 3us to 0. I am confused about this in some aspects.

  1. Can I use SIMULTANEOUS WRITINT AND READING to realize this? I saw the VHDL program, and if I understand it correctly, it did not work at this state.
  2. Or sampling at 1GSPS, using CASCADING OF CHANNELS, I can sample signal at most 4us or 8us, then digitizing all signals of one chip. Have you tested 4 or more channels cascading before?

Besides, any advice will be helpful!

Thank you.


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