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Entry  Sat Jan 28 14:11:58 2017, Danny Petschke, AND trigger problems  
    Reply  Mon Jan 30 16:37:33 2017, Stefan Ritt, AND trigger problems  
Message ID: 584     Entry time: Sat Jan 28 14:11:58 2017     Reply to this: 585
Author: Danny Petschke 
Subject: AND trigger problems  

 Dear Stefan,

I have 2 identical pulses as a splittet signal with an amplitude of 300mV. Range is -0.5-0.5V, 5.12GSamp using the Evaluation-Board. Both signals are triggered in AND logic. One of the signals is delayed by a fixed value of 1-50ns for testing. On increasing the trigger Level from 10% to 50% of amplitude (pulse rise time is 2.5ns) pulses cannot anymore triggered above 4-5ns delay. It means there is a proportionality between the trigger level and the available range where 2 signals can be triggered in AND logic (Time-difference between 2 pulses). Do I anything misunderstand or is the time the comparator needs by higher trigger Levels for comparation longer than the 200ns at 5.12GSamp?

Board was timing and voltage calibrated before.



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