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Entry  Sat Jan 28 14:11:58 2017, Danny Petschke, AND trigger problems  
    Reply  Mon Jan 30 16:37:33 2017, Stefan Ritt, AND trigger problems  
Message ID: 585     Entry time: Mon Jan 30 16:37:33 2017     In reply to: 584
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: AND trigger problems  

In the evaluation board we use an ADCMP601 comparator, which has a setup and hold time of 4.6 ns. So a pulse which exceeds the threshold for less than 4.6 ns will not trigger the board. If you AND two signals together, an additional constraint might apply on the coincidence pulse. This is processed in the FPGA, but once it becomes too short, it won't trigger the board as well. I never made a real measurement of that, but I would not be suprised if the coicidence signal (output of AND), needs to be at least 4-5 ns wide.

If you need more refined trigger conditions, make yourself an old-fashioned external trigger (with NIM modules for example), stretch the output to 10 ns and feed it into the external trigger input of the DRS4 board (5V CMOS logic, not NIM!).



Danny Petschke wrote:

 Dear Stefan,

I have 2 identical pulses as a splittet signal with an amplitude of 300mV. Range is -0.5-0.5V, 5.12GSamp using the Evaluation-Board. Both signals are triggered in AND logic. One of the signals is delayed by a fixed value of 1-50ns for testing. On increasing the trigger Level from 10% to 50% of amplitude (pulse rise time is 2.5ns) pulses cannot anymore triggered above 4-5ns delay. It means there is a proportionality between the trigger level and the available range where 2 signals can be triggered in AND logic (Time-difference between 2 pulses). Do I anything misunderstand or is the time the comparator needs by higher trigger Levels for comparation longer than the 200ns at 5.12GSamp?

Board was timing and voltage calibrated before.




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