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Entry  Thu Jun 7 16:27:21 2018, Phan Van Chuan,  figure1.pngfigure2.png
    Reply  Fri Jun 8 08:11:05 2018, Stefan Ritt,  
Message ID: 699     Entry time: Fri Jun 8 08:11:05 2018     In reply to: 698
Author: Stefan Ritt 

Several people reported this problem, but we cannot reproduce it at our lab. Both the oscilloscope and the command line interface use exactly the same code to connect to the board. Have you tried the solution reported here: elog:657 ?



Phan Van Chuan wrote:

Dear Stefan,

I am using an DRS4 board to test the signal from an scintillator detector; It has connected well to the computer on DRS Oscilloscope (Figure 1). Now, I am having a problem of developing from the code of the drs_exam program, because the DRS4 board has not connected to the computer when translation the drs_exam program (Figure 2). Before running the drs_exam program, I copied the libusb-1.0.lib file to the computer's "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft SDKs \ Windows \ v7.0A \ Lib" folder. Can you show me how to solve this problem?


Figure 1.


Figure 2.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,



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