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Entry  Sat Jul 13 01:00:15 2019, Brendan Posehn, Evaluation Board Test Functionality 
    Reply  Mon Jul 15 17:26:50 2019, Stefan Ritt, Evaluation Board Test Functionality 
       Reply  Mon Jul 15 19:34:25 2019, Brendan Posehn, Evaluation Board Test Functionality 
Message ID: 763     Entry time: Mon Jul 15 19:34:25 2019     In reply to: 762
Author: Brendan Posehn 
Subject: Evaluation Board Test Functionality 

Hello Stefan, 

Thanks for the quick reply. The issue was a faulty SMA connector, should have checked this first. Signal looks good now.

Thanks for your time, 


Stefan Ritt wrote:

Have you set the trigger correctly to the channel with your signal, polarity and level? Do you undersand the difference between normal and auto trigger? Why don't you post a screendump. Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE that you have a signal on your cable? Have you tried with another oscilloscope? Are you sure that your SMA connector is good?



Brendan Posehn wrote:


I have recently obtained a DRS4 Evaluation Board (V5), but I am unable to register signals when using the DRS Oscilloscope application. There seems to be some difference in noise when I have an input connected to a signal or not, but I am unable to view a simple, 0.2V amplitude square wave or other small signals. The only way I have been able to view a waveform is when connecting the reference clock to all channels. When running 'info' in the DRS Command Line Interface I am shown correct information. I was wondering if there is any way for me to test the functionality of the board (specifially ability to read signals on Ch 1-4) to ensure that it is indeed working as expected? 





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