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Entry  Mon Aug 31 16:44:12 2020, Hans Steiger, Channel Cascading 
    Reply  Mon Aug 31 17:17:30 2020, Stefan Ritt, Channel Cascading Screenshot_2020-08-31_at_16.52.28_.png
Message ID: 795     Entry time: Mon Aug 31 16:44:12 2020     Reply to this: 796
Author: Hans Steiger 
Subject: Channel Cascading 

Dear All,

I have a board with Channel Cascading Option. I have the problem, that it seems to be impossible to run all 4 Channels simultaneously for digitizing pulses. I can just run even or odd channels but not even and odd ones? If I run in combined option, My question: If a board comes with this combined option, is it still usable as a 4Ch Digitizer but with 1024bin traces?


All the best,



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