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Entry  Tue Sep 22 17:45:26 2020, Elmer Grundeman, External triggering 
    Reply  Wed Oct 7 10:56:03 2020, Stefan Ritt, External triggering 
       Reply  Wed Oct 7 11:17:52 2020, Elmer Grundeman, External triggering 
Message ID: 799     Entry time: Wed Oct 7 11:17:52 2020     In reply to: 798
Author: Elmer Grundeman 
Subject: External triggering 

I will try that, thanks!

Stefan Ritt wrote:

The trigger is there only to trigger the chip, but cannot be used as a precise time reference. If you want to measure precise timing, do this always BETWEEN two inputs, never between an input and the trigger. You might want to split and delay your trigger signal and feed one copy to another input of the evaluation board as your reference.


Elmer Grundeman wrote:

Dear all,

I had a question about timing jitter and external triggering.

I trigger the board externally with a 3V pulse from a DG645 delay generator and as a test I use the gated charge function to integrate another pulse of the DG which goes into channel 1 (the timing jitter between different outputs of the DG is on the order of ~25 picoseconds).

The issue I’m encountering is that the signal on channel 1 is jittering in time with ~1 ns, which means the signal is jittering with respect to my integration gate (point A and B). If I look at the data it always starts at t = 0.000 but my signal (pulse) moves around in time.

If I don’t use the external trigger but trigger on channel 1 directly the signal does not move with respect to the gate, but I can see the start and end of the trace move in time. If I look at the data the first data point is not at t = 0.000 but some other time, which jitters with ~1 ns.

I did repeat the voltage and timing calibration, but that did not help either.

Do you know where this jitter comes from and if I can get rid of it?

Best regards,





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