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  69537   Sat Jul 2 14:39:41 2022 Reply Andreas Luedekeandreas.luedeke@psi.chQuestionWindows3.1.2Re: Slow performanceWe have 68 logbooks and currently 60 GB
data total. We run it as well on a VM, in
our case with 8GB RAM.
  69536   Tue Jun 28 18:53:50 2022 Question Alan Grantagrant@winnipeg.caQuestionWindows3.1.2Slow performanceWe're up to 30 logbooks, 3.2GB data
total and Elog damen has now become slow.
Performance stats show 100%CPU on startup
  69535   Sun Jun 26 01:47:02 2022 Question Andrea Capraacapra@triumf.caQuestionLinux3.1.4-bcd7b50Edit entry from command line and appending attachmentI would like to edit an existing entry
by adding new attachments at each call of
  69534   Mon May 23 07:48:40 2022 Reply Fred Nerksfredn6969@live.comQuestionWindowscurrentRe: ladp Invalid user name or password! 

  69533   Wed May 11 09:54:17 2022 Entry Fred Nerksfredn6969@live.comQuestionWindowscurrentladp Invalid user name or password!Hi I am running elog on windows 2022 server
and trying to use ldap for Auth.

No matter what i do I cannot get
  69531   Tue May 10 22:40:26 2022 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chInfoLinuxallRe: PDF preview special steps to enableI have a PDF file created by root which ImageMagic
cannot convert to a .png file. If I do
  Draft   Tue May 10 12:35:40 2022 Reply Andreykowaraj4stuff@gmail.comBug reportMac OSXELOG V3.1.4-493important detail: No ^M after the last > I think this is a bug report. 
> However, I am not sure whether the problem
is in the new version of Apple's WebKit (15.4)
  69529   Tue May 10 10:58:12 2022 Reply Andreykowaraj4stuff@gmail.comBug reportMac OSXELOG V3.1.4-493reproduced on the latest newly compiled ElogdI have just setup a new ELOG server on another
machine. I took the latest source code from
ELOG V3.1.4-bcd7b50