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  86   Fri Jul 26 10:47:21 2002 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chBug fix  Re: elogd.cfg cannot be saved>     In the newest version of eLog, I was
having trouble saving the 
> configurations once I change them through
  85   Thu Jul 25 19:17:13 2002 Warning Momsheikh25@hotmail.comBug report  elogd.cfg cannot be savedHello,
    In the newest version of eLog, I was
having trouble saving the 
  84   Wed Jul 24 17:29:00 2002 Reply Christian KorschanChristian.Korschan@CTBTO.ORGBug report  Re: Compiling elog 2.0.4 on Solaris> > Comiling elogd 2.0.4 under Solaris obviously
fails with
> > 
  83   Wed Jul 24 17:24:31 2002 Idea Christian KorschanChristian.Korschan@CTBTO.ORGComment  Re: elog-2.0.5 core dumps under Solaris> Just compiled elog-2.0.5 under Solaris 8
and 9  without any warnings/errors
> but the elogd binary just core dumps:
  82   Wed Jul 24 16:44:44 2002 Question Christian KorschanChristian.Korschan@CTBTO.ORGBug report  elog-2.0.5 core dumps under SolarisJust compiled elog-2.0.5 under Solaris 8 and
9  without any warnings/errors
but the elogd binary just core dumps:
  81   Tue Jul 23 15:59:55 2002 Idea Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chInfo  Improved display speedVersion 2.0.5 of elog has been released today.
Among various bugfixes, the 
display speed for threaded lists has been
  80   Tue Jul 23 09:21:38 2002 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chQuestion  Re: inserting pictures into a post> does elog have a way of inserting pictures
into a post other than 
> them as an attachment? i can put a
  79   Tue Jul 23 09:16:01 2002 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chInfo  Re: change the Email From address used when sending notifications> Is there a way to change the From address
used when sending notifications 
> from ELOG?   I was hoping there might be
ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba