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  591   Wed Apr 5 12:28:28 2017 Stefan Rittdrscl doesn't find eval board but drsosc does (Windows 7)Two people report now this problem, while
this works fine at our lab. So I'm puzzled
right now.
  590   Tue Mar 28 21:53:12 2017 Jim Freemandrscl doesn't find eval board but drsosc does (Windows 7)I cannot find the EVAL board using drscl
version 5.06 while the drsosc works fine.
I tried 2 different eval boards and 2 different
  589   Fri Feb 24 18:35:38 2017 Stefan RittPassing parameters to drsclThis is indeed currently not implemented.
But there is a simple C program drs_exam.cpp,
which connects to a board and safes some
  588   Fri Feb 24 17:34:28 2017 Tarik ZenginPassing parameters to drsclHi everyone,

I wonder if there is a way to pass
parameters to drscl. What I specifically
  587   Tue Jan 31 08:40:04 2017 Stefan RittLLD and ULD discriminations,Not inside the board. Each channel has
a single discriminator. You can select to
trigger on a rising or falling edge, but
  586   Tue Jan 31 01:37:35 2017 VO HONG HAILLD and ULD discriminations,Dear Stefan,
 Is there any way to develop
LLD and ULD discrimination in DSR-4 evaluation
 Best regards,
  585   Mon Jan 30 16:37:33 2017 Stefan RittAND trigger problems In the evaluation board we use an ADCMP601
comparator, which has a setup and hold time
of 4.6 ns. So a pulse which exceeds the threshold
  584   Sat Jan 28 14:11:58 2017 Danny PetschkeAND trigger problems  Dear Stefan,

I have 2 identical pulses as a
splittet signal with an amplitude of 300mV.
  583   Fri Jan 13 13:50:10 2017 Stefan RittDRS software doesn't work under Windows XP SP3Can you try that executable under XP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1n09afhbmh0zzu/drsosc.exe?dl=0

  582   Fri Jan 13 13:16:09 2017 Stefan RittDRS software doesn't work under Windows XP SP3The error probably comes from the fact
that the drsosc.exe application is a 64-bit
application and cannot be executed under
  581   Fri Jan 13 12:58:22 2017 Gregor KrambergerDRS software doesn't work under Windows XP SP3Hi all

I have a problem with running the
DRSOSC under windows XP SP3. We have some
  580   Fri Dec 9 04:17:46 2016 Abhishek RajputPotential Incorrect Timing Calibration for DRS4 DataHello Stefan,

Many thanks for the explanations.
You've cleared my confusion in this matter.
  579   Fri Dec 2 16:47:37 2016 Stefan RittDRS4 InitiationNo, I can't think of anything else.
There is no intermediate addressing stage.
The only thing which sometimes happens is
  578   Fri Dec 2 15:32:52 2016 samridha kunwarDRS4 InitiationThanks for replying Stefan.

I was more so just concerned with
the steps in the firmware when I had asked.
  577   Wed Nov 30 19:05:24 2016 Stefan RittDRS4 InitiationUhh, there are 1000 things which might
be wrong. A bit like "my car is not
working, it makes strange noise". Without
  576   Wed Nov 30 17:48:39 2016 samridha kunwarDRS4 InitiationI am having a general problem getting read
back using the ROI mode.  In the transparent
mode everything looks good. These are the
  575   Wed Nov 30 10:45:29 2016 Stefan RittLong timing between two channelsYou cannot measure times longer than 1024/sampling

  574   Wed Nov 30 08:53:58 2016 Stefan RittPotential Incorrect Timing Calibration for DRS4 DataThe inverter chain in the DRS4 is continously
running in a ring. Once you get a trigger,
it is stopped. This happens in any of the
  573   Tue Nov 29 23:19:06 2016 Abhishek RajputPotential Incorrect Timing Calibration for DRS4 DataHello Stefan,

Thank you for the excellent explanation
and diagram. This part of the code is now
  572   Mon Nov 28 22:28:34 2016 Randall GladenLong timing between two channelsI don't believe I fully understand
how the timing works between multiple channels
on DRS4 board, even after reading the manual,
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