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  67508   Fri May 17 15:26:50 2013 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chQuestionLinux2.9.2Re: some menu commands formed with broken links> Top group 2012 =  2011, 2010, 2009, 2008,
2007, WINTER
  67507   Thu May 16 16:29:16 2013 Reply Hal Proctorhproctor2@gmail.comQuestionWindowslatestRe: Kerberos on Windows server
  67506   Thu May 16 15:41:34 2013 Question Hal Proctorhproctor2@gmail.comQuestionWindowslatestMulti Language based on logged on user?Can ELog support different languages based
on the logged on user?
  67505   Wed May 15 23:31:30 2013 Reply Andreas Luedekeandreas.luedeke@psi.chQuestionWindowsELOG V2.7.Re: Export entries to XLS or CSV?


  67504   Wed May 15 17:24:12 2013 Question scogordoscogordo@hotmail.comQuestionWindowsELOG V2.7.Export entries to XLS or CSV?I've been asked to export one of our logbooks
to xls or csv. Doable?
  67503   Mon May 13 22:31:37 2013 Reply Andreas Luedekeandreas.luedeke@psi.chQuestionLinux2.5.2Re: Auto-Generate new logbook daily


  67502   Mon May 13 16:44:05 2013 Question Hal Proctorhproctor2@gmail.comQuestionWindowslatestKerberos on Windows server Does anyone have a success story
with kerberos on windows?
  67501   Fri May 10 19:26:50 2013 Reply Ken Ludingtonkludingt@gmail.comQuestionLinux2.9.2Re: some menu commands formed with broken linksHere's the global section and the logbook
section for one of the logbooks affected.
 Of note, the 'demo' logbook works
ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba