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  467   Wed Jan 6 15:51:58 2016 Larry ByarsUse of Channel Cascading in drs_exam.cppHello Stefan,

Here in Rockford, TN we just got
a new DRS4 evaluation board (Serail # 2612,
  469   Tue Jan 12 15:42:31 2016 Larry ByarsUse of Channel Cascading in drs_exam.cppAn update. I have been successful in making
modifications to drs_exam.cpp so that I can
get 2048 samples per channel.. The main changes
  619   Fri Jun 16 17:34:20 2017 Laura GonellaDriver installation on Windows 10Hello,

I am trying to get a DRS4 board
to run on Windows 10. I am having problems
  737   Wed Feb 20 08:03:04 2019 Lev Pavlovmeg?Hey. Strange problem. Why does the compiler
refer there at all? Library installed drsosc
  739   Wed Feb 20 12:13:44 2019 Lev Pavlovmeg?Great, drs_exam compiles without problems.
Now when you run the compiled file drs_exam
writes board not found, but drsosc and drscl
  742   Thu Feb 21 09:51:24 2019 Lev Pavlovno board foundHey. Yes, the program is running as administrator.
By the way, this is win10. Your drs_exam
works fine. My drs_exam compiled wrote no
  744   Mon Feb 25 08:40:44 2019 Lev Pavlovno board found 

Hello. When compiling drs_exam,
do you need to use a "static "version
  749   Fri Apr 12 09:39:30 2019 Lev Pavlovmulti-board

Good afternoon, I use 5 boards in
multi-mode, everything is connected according
to the instructions. Can I measure the phase
  751   Fri Apr 12 09:59:15 2019 Lev Pavlovmulti-board 

I understand this, thanks. But
my Chief does not understand this, he wants
  342   Tue May 13 19:34:58 2014 Luka Pavelicdrsosc binary to cern ROOT file conversionHi,

Does anybody have program for conversion
  344   Tue May 13 22:03:47 2014 Luka Pavelicdrsosc binary to cern ROOT file conversionThank you for your fast and very helpful
  521   Wed May 11 04:01:14 2016 MaksatDRS4 Macro to save eventsDear Stefan,

I am trying to setup DRS inside
radiation enclosure and would like to write
  119   Wed Jun 1 09:57:43 2011 Martin PetriskaRemoving spikesI have DSR4 eval board. Found that there
are spikes in channels. Procedure Osc::RemoveSpikes
to remove them looks litlle dificult. There
  158   Tue Mar 20 16:23:33 2012 Martin Petriskatriger for measuring time between pulses in channels I have two BaF2 detectors with PMT
connected to Ch1 and Ch2. At this time Im
using external triger module to start DRS4.
  160   Wed Mar 21 09:33:00 2012 Martin Petriskatriger for measuring time between pulses in channels


  185   Mon Oct 29 18:30:28 2012 Martin PetriskaGetWave I have some question according to
GetWave function. In drs_exam.cpp simple
GetWave(0,0,wave_array[]) etc...is used.
  204   Thu Dec 6 09:23:36 2012 Martin PetriskaEVM rev4 board trigger change and drs_example I switched from rev 3 to rev 4 board,
but have some problems with triggering, board
is now waiting for trigger (rev.3 is working).
  217   Wed Feb 13 16:58:40 2013 Martin PetriskaNonuniform sampling Are there any plans to include reconstruction
of nonuniform sampling  in DRS4 to get
uniformly sampled data?
  248   Tue May 21 13:32:13 2013 Martin Petriskamac osx 10.6> Hi,

> I would like to use the DRS4 with my macbook
  321   Thu Jan 9 10:58:19 2014 Martin Petriskav5 software with v4 board calibration Hi
In v4 board, which channel has best
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