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  18   Mon Oct 19 09:13:00 2009 Stefan RittBIAS Pin of DRS4


  62   Fri Apr 9 17:14:45 2010 Hao HuanBaseline Variation In DataHi Stefan,
    when I sample
a constant input with the DRS 4 chip, there
  65   Tue Apr 13 13:56:07 2010 Stefan RittBaseline Variation In Data


  517   Wed Apr 27 20:04:12 2016 Abaz KryemadhiBest settings for time measurementsI am studing some pulses that are about
200-300 ns wide and a rise time of few ns,   
which settings would be best for coincidence
  518   Thu Apr 28 15:46:34 2016 Stefan RittBest settings for time measurementsThe DRS4 chip has been designed to work
best at high sampling speeds. At 700 MSPS,
the chip is at it's limit and timing
  557   Thu Nov 10 04:41:24 2016 Abhishek RajputBreak Statements in DRS4 Binary to ROOT MacroHello,

I recently modified the binary
to ROOT convertor written by Stefan (https://midas.psi.ch/elogs/DRS4+Forum/361)
  558   Thu Nov 10 09:56:04 2016 Stefan RittBreak Statements in DRS4 Binary to ROOT MacroHi,

fread() returns the number of bytes
read and zero (I believe) if there is an
  560   Thu Nov 10 19:24:52 2016 Abhishek RajputBreak Statements in DRS4 Binary to ROOT MacroHello,

I am wondering why the code should
be changed to i < sizeof(eh), since doesn't
  562   Thu Nov 10 22:07:40 2016 Stefan RittBreak Statements in DRS4 Binary to ROOT MacroYou're right, fread() return the number
of objects read, so indeed it should be one
if successful.
  173   Wed Aug 1 17:42:32 2012 Mayank S. RajguruCalculation of loop filter parameters (R,C1and C1) for 1 GHz Hi,
we are planning to use the DRS4 in
our board for 1 GHz sampling and digitization.
  174   Mon Aug 6 02:44:00 2012 Stefan RittCalculation of loop filter parameters (R,C1and C1) for 1 GHz


  350   Thu May 29 04:22:43 2014 Toshihiro NonakaCalibrationWaveformI'm writing the drs_exam.cpp to use multi-boards(v3,
firmware:4.0.0), and taking data succeeded.
But I have several questions about function
  355   Thu Jun 12 17:16:13 2014 Stefan RittCalibrationWaveform


  302   Thu Nov 14 11:39:06 2013 SchabloCascading of channels  Hello,  I want use cascading
of channels for 2048 cell - SetChannelConfig(0,8,4),
but i can't understand how . Please, help
  303   Thu Nov 14 12:51:56 2013 Stefan RittCascading of channels


  311   Thu Nov 21 14:35:57 2013 SchabloCascading of channels


  312   Thu Nov 21 14:45:56 2013 Stefan RittCascading of channels


  795   Mon Aug 31 16:44:12 2020 Hans SteigerChannel CascadingDear All,

I have a board with Channel Cascading
Option. I have the problem, that it seems
  796   Mon Aug 31 17:17:30 2020 Stefan RittChannel CascadingIf you have a board with cascading option,
it should show the "combined" option
in the 2048-bin option enabled (not grayed),
  563   Fri Nov 18 05:52:45 2016 Kurtis NishimuraChannel offsets in GetTime()Hello,

I have a question about the GetTime()
method in DRS.cpp.  I understand how
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