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  604   Thu Apr 13 17:10:58 2017 Christian FarinaStand-alone Time Calibration for PSI BoardThank you for your help Stefan. I will
try to get the TC part isolated.

  483   Wed Mar 9 09:57:20 2016 Christian DLabViewHi,

I would like to use the DRS4 board
with LabView for fast readout.
  392   Sun Oct 19 14:36:54 2014 Chris Tullycoverting the xml file format into binary Hi,
    Is there a straightforward
way to convert the xml file format into the
  451   Wed Nov 25 02:52:35 2015 Chris ThompsonPC software beyond Windows 7I am new to this forum. I have ordered
a DRS4 evaluation board for doing experiments
with very fast PET detectors. It has not
  453   Wed Nov 25 17:36:25 2015 Chris ThompsonPC software beyond Windows 7I tried this suggestion of changing the
startup settings to ingore driver license
signing (as suggested in the post # 434),
  455   Sat Dec 5 02:39:20 2015 Chris ThompsonPC software beyond Windows 7I tried restarting Windows 10 in a way
the allowed me to use "advanced startup
options" Option 7 suggested it was to
  456   Sat Dec 5 03:21:21 2015 Chris ThompsonPC software beyond Windows 7On a hunch, I tried downloading V 5.0.3
instead. This works, and I now have the oscilloscope
mode displaying signals! (just to make sure,
  475   Thu Jan 14 21:49:37 2016 Chris ThompsonTriggering of DRS4 in the fastest sampling modeI am attempting to use the DRS4 to measure
the timing resolution of a pair of SensL
silicon photomultipliers (SiPM). In order
  492   Thu Mar 31 20:48:00 2016 Chris ThompsonTrigger on the And of a positive and negative signalI needed a fast pulse inverter in order
to feed signals from the recent SensL SiPMs
into a conventional CFD which only accepted
  494   Fri Apr 1 22:09:07 2016 Chris ThompsonTrigger on the And of a positive and negative signalThe coilcraft part number is: JA4220-ALB.
Iordered two of them and they were sent as
free samples. You might want to buy some
  498   Sun Apr 3 22:10:19 2016 Chris ThompsonTrigger on the And of a positive and negative signalNo there are no other components. I put
a photo of the inverter with its cables SMA
and one end, BNC at the other. You can see
  357   Fri Jun 27 11:23:19 2014 ChengMing Dudrsosc binary to cern ROOT file conversion


  412   Wed May 13 09:31:18 2015 Chenfei Yangtransparent-mode voltageHello Mr. Stefan Ritt

  For DRS4 differential inputs
ranges form 500mV to 1100mV, with ROFS set
  414   Wed May 13 09:55:09 2015 Chenfei Yangtransparent-mode voltageHere's the problem. My external ADC
has 2Vpp differtial input voltage range.
And the common-mode voltage of the inputs
  416   Wed May 13 10:27:43 2015 Chenfei Yangtransparent-mode voltageI'm using an AD9252, 0.9V common mode
voltage is suggested and I already use 8
un-switchable level shifters. Just as you
  418   Wed May 13 12:52:22 2015 Chenfei Yangtransparent-mode voltageYes. I use exactly the same scheme as you
mentioned. I'll try your solution.

  419   Wed May 13 16:13:07 2015 Chenfei Yangtransparent-mode voltageIf using a ROFS of 0.9V, the input would
not between 1.05V~2.05V better non-linearity
area. Is that appropriate?
  441   Mon Jul 20 09:25:38 2015 Chenfei YangMeasure the time between different samplesHi,
  I have a question using a data acquisition
card base on DRS4 chip. How can I measure
  335   Tue Apr 15 18:35:41 2014 Carlo Stelladrs_exam project fail to compileHi,
when I try to compile drs_exam project
my computer give me this output:
  341   Thu Apr 24 23:03:25 2014 Carlo Stelladrs_exam project fail to compile


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