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  878   Sat Mar 12 10:13:24 2022 Stefan RittTime calibration and the C++ APIDRSBoard::GetTime is declared in DRS.h
line 720.

If you want to measure timing down
  877   Fri Mar 11 17:26:15 2022 Matias SengerTime calibration and the C++ APII am using the V5 board at a fixed sampling
frequency. With the `drsosc` app I have executed
the time calibration at 5 GS/s (actually
  876   Tue Mar 8 12:20:00 2022 Matias SengerWhy does not trigger at higher sampling frequencies?Sorry for the spam. Just want to let you
know that I was able to solve the problem,
it was all due to a `float` being casted
  875   Tue Mar 8 00:25:56 2022 Matias SengerWhy does not trigger at higher sampling frequencies?I have seen in the app that the trigger
source buttons do something different than
the "or" and "transparent
  874   Mon Mar 7 16:37:54 2022 Stefan RittScaler issue to evaluate live time I tried your measurement with the DRSOscilloscope
app (see below), and I measure a constant
difference of 10 Hz among the whole range
  873   Mon Mar 7 13:38:03 2022 Radoslaw MarcinkowskiProblems with DRS4 Evaluation Board after Windows 10 upgrade - share of experiences Dear DRS4 Users,

I would like to share my expireinces
with using of DRS4 Evaluation Board software
  872   Mon Mar 7 08:45:32 2022 Stefan RittWhy does not trigger at higher sampling frequencies?Unfortunately I have not idea what the
problem could be. In principle the trigger
should be independent of the sampling speed,
  871   Sun Mar 6 17:54:47 2022 Matias SengerWhy does not trigger at higher sampling frequencies?I have connected 3 signals to the DRS4
Evaluation Board V5 which look like this
in the drsosc app:
  870   Fri Mar 4 03:55:33 2022 Keita MizukoshiScaler issue to evaluate live time Thank you very much for your explanation.


I would like to show you a pulse
  869   Thu Mar 3 16:14:16 2022 Stefan RittScaler issue to evaluate live time The scalers are read out 10x per seconds,
so they have an accuracy of 10 Hz. I tried
a 50 Hz pulser, and measured 40 Hz, I tried
  868   Thu Mar 3 13:47:26 2022 Stefan RittHow to convert samples to volt?The 'drscl' tool is more for experts,
normal users are advised to use the DRSOsc
  867   Wed Mar 2 17:25:10 2022 Matias SengerHow to convert samples to volt?I am using the `drscl` app. My prior experience
is practically zero, sorry if this is a very
naive question. When I read using `read 0
  866   Tue Mar 1 19:03:37 2022 Keita MizukoshiScaler issue to evaluate live time Hi. I'm trying to evaluate livetime
of the evaluation board with the hardware
scaler. I'm facing a strange issue.
  865   Wed Feb 16 14:06:45 2022 Dmitry HitsSliders missing in drsoscHi everyone,

Did anyone have a "missing
sliders problem" in GUI (see attachment) 
  864   Tue Feb 15 12:02:29 2022 Stefan RittCannot trigger on pulses, have to trigger on undershootThe trigger comparator is a ADCMP601 unit
which requires a minimum pulse width of 3-4
ns. I see that your pulses are only 1-2 ns
  863   Tue Feb 15 11:59:22 2022 Alex Myczkoapt install drs4ebdrs4b is now officially on these distributions:


  862   Sat Feb 12 13:06:56 2022 Matias SengerCannot trigger on pulses, have to trigger on undershootI am using the DRS4 board trying to measure
pulses produced by an LGAD. I have no prior
experience with this board, have just installed
  861   Wed Jan 26 06:44:11 2022 student_rikuI want to know about the readoutDear Stefan

Thanks a lot.

I solved it.
  860   Tue Jan 25 14:44:49 2022 Thomas M.Regarding measuring for a set timeYes, you've got it exactly right. Thank
you, that helps a lot! 

  859   Tue Jan 25 14:34:42 2022 Stefan RittRegarding measuring for a set timedrsosc is a graphical application contiously
acquiring data from the board, and drscl
is a command line tool for debugging, as
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