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  873   Mon Mar 7 13:38:03 2022 Radoslaw MarcinkowskiProblems with DRS4 Evaluation Board after Windows 10 upgrade - share of experiences Dear DRS4 Users,

I would like to share my expireinces
with using of DRS4 Evaluation Board software
  872   Mon Mar 7 08:45:32 2022 Stefan RittWhy does not trigger at higher sampling frequencies?Unfortunately I have not idea what the
problem could be. In principle the trigger
should be independent of the sampling speed,
  871   Sun Mar 6 17:54:47 2022 Matias SengerWhy does not trigger at higher sampling frequencies?I have connected 3 signals to the DRS4
Evaluation Board V5 which look like this
in the drsosc app:
  870   Fri Mar 4 03:55:33 2022 Keita MizukoshiScaler issue to evaluate live time Thank you very much for your explanation.


I would like to show you a pulse
  869   Thu Mar 3 16:14:16 2022 Stefan RittScaler issue to evaluate live time The scalers are read out 10x per seconds,
so they have an accuracy of 10 Hz. I tried
a 50 Hz pulser, and measured 40 Hz, I tried
  868   Thu Mar 3 13:47:26 2022 Stefan RittHow to convert samples to volt?The 'drscl' tool is more for experts,
normal users are advised to use the DRSOsc
  867   Wed Mar 2 17:25:10 2022 Matias SengerHow to convert samples to volt?I am using the `drscl` app. My prior experience
is practically zero, sorry if this is a very
naive question. When I read using `read 0
  866   Tue Mar 1 19:03:37 2022 Keita MizukoshiScaler issue to evaluate live time Hi. I'm trying to evaluate livetime
of the evaluation board with the hardware
scaler. I'm facing a strange issue.
  865   Wed Feb 16 14:06:45 2022 Dmitry HitsSliders missing in drsoscHi everyone,

Did anyone have a "missing
sliders problem" in GUI (see attachment) 
  864   Tue Feb 15 12:02:29 2022 Stefan RittCannot trigger on pulses, have to trigger on undershootThe trigger comparator is a ADCMP601 unit
which requires a minimum pulse width of 3-4
ns. I see that your pulses are only 1-2 ns
  863   Tue Feb 15 11:59:22 2022 Alex Myczkoapt install drs4ebdrs4b is now officially on these distributions:


  862   Sat Feb 12 13:06:56 2022 Matias SengerCannot trigger on pulses, have to trigger on undershootI am using the DRS4 board trying to measure
pulses produced by an LGAD. I have no prior
experience with this board, have just installed
  861   Wed Jan 26 06:44:11 2022 student_rikuI want to know about the readoutDear Stefan

Thanks a lot.

I solved it.
  860   Tue Jan 25 14:44:49 2022 Thomas M.Regarding measuring for a set timeYes, you've got it exactly right. Thank
you, that helps a lot! 

  859   Tue Jan 25 14:34:42 2022 Stefan RittRegarding measuring for a set timedrsosc is a graphical application contiously
acquiring data from the board, and drscl
is a command line tool for debugging, as
  858   Tue Jan 25 14:15:00 2022 Thomas M.Regarding measuring for a set timeHello,

I'm working on a project wherein
we're looking at photomultipliers. We've
  857   Sat Jan 15 10:50:47 2022 Stefan RittI want to know about the readout

  856   Sat Jan 15 09:13:42 2022 student_rikuI want to know about the readoutHello, everyone.
I'm a student in Japan.
Please forgive me if this is a very
  855   Mon Jan 3 17:13:41 2022 Stefan RittDRS4 request assistance1. fDOMINO is defined as fREFCLK * 2048

2. Good values can be derived from
the evaluation board schematics: C1=4.7nF,
  854   Fri Dec 24 03:13:32 2021 LynseyTrouble getting PLL to lockI also design the circuit myself. Our problem
is the same. Can we communicate?

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