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  800   Wed Oct 21 15:03:13 2020 Seiya NozakiTiming diagram of SROUT/SRIN signal to write/read a write shift registerDear Stefan,

I have questions about the timing
  799   Wed Oct 7 11:17:52 2020 Elmer GrundemanExternal triggeringI will try that, thanks!

  798   Wed Oct 7 10:56:03 2020 Stefan RittExternal triggeringThe trigger is there only to trigger the
chip, but cannot be used as a precise time
reference. If you want to measure precise
  797   Tue Sep 22 17:45:26 2020 Elmer GrundemanExternal triggeringDear all,

I had a question about timing jitter
and external triggering.
  796   Mon Aug 31 17:17:30 2020 Stefan RittChannel CascadingIf you have a board with cascading option,
it should show the "combined" option
in the 2048-bin option enabled (not grayed),
  795   Mon Aug 31 16:44:12 2020 Hans SteigerChannel CascadingDear All,

I have a board with Channel Cascading
Option. I have the problem, that it seems
  794   Mon Aug 31 10:52:42 2020 Stefan RittDynamic Range Evaluation Board and SoftwareYou cannot go below -0.5V for the inputs,
since the board does not have an internal
negative power supply, which would be necessary
  793   Sat Aug 29 22:00:30 2020 Hans SteigerDynamic Range Evaluation Board and SoftwareDear Evaluation Board Team,


currently I am facing the problem
  792   Tue Jul 28 22:40:44 2020 Razvan Stefan Gorneano board foundI have a very similar problem, the command
line doesn't work but the oscilloscope
program does! Tried to fix it using Zadig
  791   Tue May 26 12:44:16 2020 Stefan RittDomino waveLook at the attached picture. For simplicity,
only 4 cells are open and tracking the input
signal. Time is flowing from top to bottom.
  790   Tue May 26 11:10:27 2020 xgggDomino waveHi Stefan,

According to the datasheet DRS_rev09,
the write signal is always 16 cells wide.
  789   Mon May 25 03:36:12 2020 Keita MizukoshiDRS4 Evaluation board control tool 'drscl' with macro fileThank you very much. That is what I wanted.

  788   Fri May 22 13:24:51 2020 Stefan RittType check at DOFrame.h in official softwareThe software is a bit outdated, I will
soon make a new release. 

In meantime, you can replace that
  786   Fri May 22 12:53:33 2020 Stefan RittDRS4 Evaluation board control tool 'drscl' with macro fileThere is an example program in the distribution
under software/drscl/drs_exam.cpp which is
a stand-alone program to do what you need.
  785   Thu May 21 07:38:05 2020 Keita MizukoshiType check at DOFrame.h in official softwareHi,


I've failured to compile official
  784   Thu May 21 07:18:48 2020 Keita MizukoshiDRS4 Evaluation board control tool 'drscl' with macro fileDear experts,


I would like to use DRS4 evaluation
  783   Mon Mar 23 15:03:28 2020 Ajay KrishnamurthyUSB trigger issueHello,

I had forgotten to disable the
turn off the power to the USB drive on Windows
  782   Fri Oct 25 16:39:07 2019 Stefan RittComputing corrected time from binary data...what is t_0,0?t0,0 refers to the time of cell #0 of channel
#0. So basically you keep channel 0 fixed,
calculate the difference of each channel's
  781   Wed Oct 23 17:56:26 2019 John JendzurskiComputing corrected time from binary data...what is t_0,0?In the equations for computing the corrected
time for channels other than channel 1, does
anyone know what the term t0,0 refers
  780   Tue Oct 15 08:14:17 2019 Danyanghow to acquire the stop position with channel cascadingThanks a lot. The problem is solved when
A3-A0 is set 1101 and srclk keeps low.

Best Regards,
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