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  696   Mon May 14 09:21:29 2018 Alessio BertiWIndows Connection problem with drs507 SOLVEDHi,

I have a machine with Windows 10
and the solution provided by Steven works
  678   Fri Apr 13 18:14:07 2018 Alessio BertiVoltage and Timing Calibration in drs_exam.cppHi,

we were trying to implement an
automatic way to calibrate our DRS4 both
  687   Fri May 4 11:56:08 2018 Stefan RittVoltage and Timing Calibration in drs_exam.cppHave you set the sampling frequency 

b->SetFrequency(5, true);

before the calibration?
  Draft   Wed Oct 7 13:06:34 2015 Ilja BekmanVoltage Calibration with signal on the input    
  13   Wed Oct 7 17:58:20 2009 Stefan RittVDD switch off speedIt turned out that the VDD switch off speed
plays some important role. On our VME board,
we have a linear regulator, then a 4.7 uF
  12   Tue Oct 6 11:20:39 2009 Stefan RittVDD instabilityIt has turned out that the stability of
the AVDD and DVDD power supplies for the
DRS4 are very critical. On the evaluation
  467   Wed Jan 6 15:51:58 2016 Larry ByarsUse of Channel Cascading in drs_exam.cppHello Stefan,

Here in Rockford, TN we just got
a new DRS4 evaluation board (Serail # 2612,
  469   Tue Jan 12 15:42:31 2016 Larry ByarsUse of Channel Cascading in drs_exam.cppAn update. I have been successful in making
modifications to drs_exam.cpp so that I can
get 2048 samples per channel.. The main changes
  470   Tue Jan 12 16:06:07 2016 Stefan RittUse of Channel Cascading in drs_exam.cppHi Larry,

sorry my late reply, swamped with
work here. You were right in the modifictions
  783   Mon Mar 23 15:03:28 2020 Ajay KrishnamurthyUSB trigger issueHello,

I had forgotten to disable the
turn off the power to the USB drive on Windows
  292   Tue Sep 10 10:31:30 2013 Akira OkumuraUSB connection stopsHello the DRS4 team,

I and some of my colleagues are using DRS4
  293   Wed Sep 11 02:41:28 2013 Andrey KuznetsovUSB connection stopsHi,

although I don't have a chance to test your
  297   Wed Sep 25 14:42:00 2013 Akira OkumuraUSB connection stopsHello Andrey,

Thank you for your advise. But we never terminated
  324   Wed Jan 15 15:48:55 2014 Stefan RittUSB connection stopsHi,

finally I found some time to look into this
  377   Tue Oct 7 14:09:02 2014 Stephane DebieuxUSB Microcontroller firmwareHi,
I'm trying to recompile the USB microcontroller
firmware starting from the drs_eval.c file
  378   Mon Oct 13 16:46:56 2014 Stefan RittUSB Microcontroller firmware


  379   Mon Oct 13 17:08:40 2014 Stephane DebieuxUSB Microcontroller firmware


  380   Mon Oct 13 17:14:58 2014 Stefan RittUSB Microcontroller firmware


  381   Tue Oct 14 16:21:07 2014 Stephane DebieuxUSB Microcontroller firmware


  382   Tue Oct 14 16:29:12 2014 Stefan RittUSB Microcontroller firmware


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