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  872   Mon Mar 7 08:45:32 2022 Stefan RittWhy does not trigger at higher sampling frequencies?Unfortunately I have not idea what the
problem could be. In principle the trigger
should be independent of the sampling speed,
  874   Mon Mar 7 16:37:54 2022 Stefan RittScaler issue to evaluate live time I tried your measurement with the DRSOscilloscope
app (see below), and I measure a constant
difference of 10 Hz among the whole range
  878   Sat Mar 12 10:13:24 2022 Stefan RittTime calibration and the C++ APIDRSBoard::GetTime is declared in DRS.h
line 720.

If you want to measure timing down
  880   Mon Mar 14 08:59:51 2022 Stefan RittTime calibration and the C++ APILooks like you have the some time calibration,
not sure if it's the correct one. Sample
the sine wave from the calibration clock,
  883   Tue Apr 12 10:49:27 2022 Stefan Ritt A3-A0 = 1001 should be all you need to
activate OUT0-OUT7. It works in our designs.
Maybe double check the address lines with
  887   Fri Jul 29 14:09:35 2022 Stefan RittIncrease event rate, use ROI mode, and install sw from source in MacThe firmware from the website always reads
1024 bins. You have to modify it to stop
before that, like reading only 128 samples
  888   Fri Jul 29 17:23:43 2022 Stefan RittSpikes/noise sensitive to clock settings?Look at the DRS4 data sheet, Figure 12.
You see there the rising SRCLK pulse which
outputs the next analog value. You also see
  891   Tue Sep 27 10:37:11 2022 Stefan RittRequired Firmware for DRS4 Evaluation Board Version 2.0You find each software version at the usual
download location at

  893   Tue Sep 27 15:20:55 2022 Stefan RittRequired Firmware for DRS4 Evaluation Board Version 2.0Sorry, got the wrong link. Here the right
one: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/clqo7ekr0ysbrip/AACoWJzrQAbf3WiBJHG89bGGa?dl=0

If you untar the archive, you will
  896   Mon Oct 24 12:50:24 2022 Stefan RittChannel Cascading Option in the 2048-binThe board is delivered in one or the other
mode and not meant to be changed by the user,
since this requires very delicate soldering
  298   Mon Oct 21 14:43:21 2013 Stephane DebieuxDRS4 analog outputs - interfacing DRS4 to AD9222 ADCHi,
I wish to interface the DRS4 with
the 8-channel ADC AD9222 (or AD9637).
  377   Tue Oct 7 14:09:02 2014 Stephane DebieuxUSB Microcontroller firmwareHi,
I'm trying to recompile the USB microcontroller
firmware starting from the drs_eval.c file
  379   Mon Oct 13 17:08:40 2014 Stephane DebieuxUSB Microcontroller firmware


  381   Tue Oct 14 16:21:07 2014 Stephane DebieuxUSB Microcontroller firmware


  383   Tue Oct 14 16:34:45 2014 Stephane DebieuxUSB Microcontroller firmware


  385   Tue Oct 14 16:51:37 2014 Stephane DebieuxUSB Microcontroller firmware


  657   Tue Feb 27 13:17:00 2018 Steven BlockWIndows Connection problem with drs507 SOLVEDHello All,

I too have been struggling with
trying to get the drs4 (507) to work on my
  659   Tue Feb 27 16:34:26 2018 Steven BlockDRS4 Dead timesHello All,

I am currently trying to figure
out how to properly characterize the dead
  661   Tue Feb 27 18:04:18 2018 Steven BlockDRS4 Dead timesThat is extremely helpful! Many thanks.
One more question; If I were to take inputs
from 2 channels at once, would that scale
  663   Fri Mar 2 18:08:55 2018 Steven BlockROI Hello,

I have a question about how ROI
works. From what I have read, it will only
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