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  632   Mon Oct 16 15:35:22 2017 Stefan RittRaspberry Pi Connection FailureHave you tried as root? Maybe you miss
some permissions.

  631   Fri Oct 13 03:39:01 2017 Jonathan WapmanRaspberry Pi Connection FailureI am currently attempting to use a raspberry
pi to connect to the DRS 4 board. I whenever
I try to use the DRS Command Line TOol, Revision
  630   Mon Oct 2 16:08:05 2017 Stefan RittEvent acquisition pace for irregular timingAs written in the documentation, the DRS
evaluaiton board has a maximum trigger capability
of ~500 Hz. This is limited by the USB bus
  629   Wed Sep 27 16:11:03 2017 Yoni SherEvent acquisition pace for irregular timingHi, 

I'm running a LIDAR application
that requires that every outgoing pulse be
  628   Sun Aug 27 12:44:16 2017 Yuvaraj ElangovanDRS4 version SupportHi i am using DRS4 Eval Board V2, How to
acquire data to a bin file using it.  
  627   Tue Jul 25 14:47:05 2017 Volodymyr RodinTime outputHi again.

Okay, it works with 5.05 version very
good and it is enough for me.
  626   Fri Jul 21 09:16:02 2017 Volodymyr RodinTime outputHello Stefan

I tried to convert binary to a
simple txt file and found next problem -
  625   Thu Jul 20 13:00:44 2017 Volodymyr RodinDriver installation on Windows 10Dear Laura

You need to disable driver signature
enforcement.  Then try again with path
  624   Wed Jul 12 20:16:05 2017 Stefan RittTime resolution between boardsYes this should  be possible.


  623   Wed Jul 12 04:24:39 2017 Toshihiro NonakaTime resolution between boardsHello,

I 'm using four evaluation
boards v.3 to construct the multi-board DAQ
  622   Fri Jul 7 10:31:47 2017 Stefan RittTrigger setting (AND AND) OR (AND AND)Unfortunately not with the current firmware.


  621   Thu Jul 6 15:10:48 2017 Esperienza GioveTrigger setting (AND AND) OR (AND AND)Hello there,

is it possible to setup trigger
in double AND configuration (a pair in and
  620   Thu Jun 22 21:36:08 2017 Stefan RittAND Trigger problems with 2-3 channelsHi,

from our screenshots I see the
  619   Fri Jun 16 17:34:20 2017 Laura GonellaDriver installation on Windows 10Hello,

I am trying to get a DRS4 board
to run on Windows 10. I am having problems
  618   Fri Jun 9 09:44:33 2017 Rebecca SchmitzAND Trigger problems with 2-3 channelsHello,

seems that a coincidence with two fixed channels
  617   Thu Jun 8 15:52:20 2017 Stefan RittAND Trigger problems with 2-3 channelsCan you post a screenshot where I can see
the channel waveforms, the configuration
and the trigger settings?
  616   Thu Jun 8 14:26:23 2017 Rebecca SchmitzAND Trigger problems with 2-3 channelsHello,

I work with the DRS4 Evaluation
Board V5 and I have a problem with the software.
  615   Tue May 30 21:22:10 2017 Esperienza GioveSetting input rangeThank you

  614   Tue May 30 21:00:26 2017 Stefan RittSetting input rangeSee elog:531

  613   Tue May 30 20:45:30 2017 Esperienza GioveSetting input rangeHello,

is it possible to set a completely
negative input range like -1 to 0 or -0.95
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