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  746   Wed Mar 6 10:09:01 2019 Willy Changdrscl "no board found" in some Win7 or Win8.X PCsHi all, 

When connecting the board and running
the Zadig program, some Windows PCs may return "driver
  706   Thu Jun 28 19:55:45 2018 Woon-Seng ChoongNegative Bin WidthI am using a DRS4 Evaluation Board v5 and
running the drsosc.exe version 5.06 on
a Window 7 machine. I have performed the
  708   Mon Jul 16 19:39:35 2018 Woon-Seng ChoongEffect of interpolation on timingUsing a test pulse split into two channels
of the DRS4 Evaluation Board v5, I looked
at the time resolution using a leading edge
  709   Fri Jul 20 00:44:13 2018 Woon-Seng ChoongEffect of interpolation on timingJust a follow-up update.

It turns out that I was using a
cubic spline interpolation with smoothing.
  629   Wed Sep 27 16:11:03 2017 Yoni SherEvent acquisition pace for irregular timingHi, 

I'm running a LIDAR application
that requires that every outgoing pulse be
  647   Wed Dec 20 15:30:38 2017 Yoni Shercascading -- DRS4 Osci.cpp & DRS.cppHi, 

I'm trying to do the same thing
(get 1 channel with 8192 bins), but I'm
  649   Wed Dec 20 16:30:45 2017 Yoni Shercascading -- DRS4 Osci.cpp & DRS.cppHi, 

The board is modified (and checks
out with the DRSScope program). Could you
  523   Thu May 12 05:18:47 2016 YuProblem For Software DownloadHi

 I can't download the
software for windows on this website 'www.psi.ch/drs/software-download',
  153   Wed Feb 15 18:08:13 2012 Yuji IwaiEvaluation Board v4 Trigger/Clock ConnectorsQuick question - what type of connectors
are used for the trigger and clock in/out
on the v4 eval board?
  219   Fri Feb 22 11:46:17 2013 Yury GolodDRS4 trigger, different polarity


  628   Sun Aug 27 12:44:16 2017 Yuvaraj ElangovanDRS4 version SupportHi i am using DRS4 Eval Board V2, How to
acquire data to a bin file using it.  
  358   Mon Jul 14 19:03:05 2014 Yves Biangachange cascading from 1024 to 2048 bins for each input channelHello,
I want to ask
whether it is possible to modify a Evaluation
  175   Tue Aug 28 17:52:45 2012 Zach MillerDRS-4.0.0 DOScreen.cppHi,
I found an old thread regarding a
fix for DOScreen.cpp for DRS-3.1.0, that
  177   Wed Aug 29 16:42:42 2012 Zach MillerDRS-4.0.0 DOScreen.cpp


  179   Wed Aug 29 16:57:49 2012 Zach MillerDRS-4.0.0 DOScreen.cpp


  180   Thu Oct 4 20:50:36 2012 Zach MillerDRS5Hi,
Our group had previously heard that
a "DRS-5.0" might be on the horizon
  182   Thu Oct 4 21:07:27 2012 Zach MillerDRS5


  136   Mon Oct 31 09:15:02 2011 Zhongwei DuHow to link PMTI want to measure the signal from PMT .
But it is a current signal, should i just
put a series resistance, or use a amplifier
  151   Sat Feb 4 11:59:26 2012 Zhongwei Duwhat sort of detectors for physical experiment the DRS4 used?Hello.
We are designing a waveform
sampling board for Si strip array detector
  200   Tue Dec 4 09:24:22 2012 Zhongwei DuQuestion of drs4 usingWhen Denable and Dwrite is high , the voltage
of PLLOUT is 0 V.  And  the Dtap
is turn high with no delay when the Denable
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